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Career Support

Complete support for each student’s career path!

The Career Support Center carries out a variety of initiatives including job search guidance, job search workshops by university graduates, job search consultations, mock interviews, resume revision, and lectures on various examinations for occupations such as civil servant and teacher, and general corporate exams. In addition, the employment reference room makes it possible to immediately gather employment information on hiring, corporations, and the civil service examination, and students can use the available computers to view the job search system and Internet. The Career Support Center staff does their best to help students form a solid sense of purpose and conduct satisfactory job-hunting activities.

8 types of support

1. Corporate explanatory meetings and explanatory meetings on examination systems for civil servants and teachers

Explanatory meetings on employment at various corporations, types of national public officials, and employment examinations for teachers are held on campus.

2.Job search consultations provided by a career counselor

In addition to job search consultations given by staff at the Career Support Center, every Tuesday and Wednesday career counselors offer counseling on career paths, mock interviews, and revisions of resumes and application forms.


Internships at businesses and government offices are offered during the summer break. The hands-on learning not only aids in choosing a place of employment, but also leads to confidence in job search activities, and can be beneficial in the job hunt. Overseas internships are also offered to nurture broad-minded perspectives and international sensibilities.

4.Immediate information provision through the Live Campus Job Search System

The Live Campus Job Search System makes it possible to search for various employment information, job search events on and off campus, and corporate seminar schedules. It also links to the Internet and various job search navigation systems, and can be utilized to sign up for company explanatory meetings as well as gather the latest employment information. Those who wish can also sign up for email updates on job information.

5.A well-equipped Employment Reference Room

The reference room is filled with employment notices from corporations inside and outside the prefecture, individual corporate files, job hunting magazines, and documents regarding requirements for civil service exams, requirements for enrollment in graduate schools, and other job-related information. Students are encouraged to make good use of them to find good jobs.

6.Mock examinations for employment, implementation of aptitude tests

The center conducts mock exams for corporations and civil service, and other aptitude tests

  1. 1. SPI performance test
  2. 2. Mock employment exams (general education)
  3. 3. Mock examinations for general service as a national public servant
  4. 4. Mock examinations for local public servants (administrative posts, police, firefighters)
  5. 5. Mock examinations for teachers

7.Subsidies for job search activities outside the prefecture

A portion of travel expenses, etc. are subsidized when job search activities are conducted outside of the prefecture.

8.Adoption of student supporters

For many students, the job hunt is a first-time experience and there is anxiety and concern. Students can eliminate that worry by talking with former students who have very recently finished their own job search activities.

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