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President's greeting

MESSAGE from the President

  Okinawa International University was established in February 25,1972(Showa47),right before Okinawa was returned to Japan,as a university founded on the spirit of "Striving for Autonomy and True Freedom." 0ur educationalvision is "Valuing nature and traditional Okinawan culture and creating scholarly culture that supports the peace and coexistence of humankind,as well as cultivating people who are rich in spirit and full of personality who will contribute to the development of international society and the independence of the region."The key phrases describing this vision are "peace and coexistence," "personality and coexistence," and "personality and development." In order to contribute to the development of Okinawa, we aim to train professionals who will become the bankoktshinryou no sakigake,or the pioneers and bridges between nations,using Okinawa's potentialas a crossroads in Asia.The mission of the university is to conduct research and regional collaboration that demonstrates the individuality of Okinawa.In addition,as the regional leader,we will work to create a workforce that can travel throughout the world and proactively engage in further international exchange and regional collaboration.

Okinawa has been endowed with a warm, natural environment that belongs to the subtropical zone, and has developed through building a unique culture that has been historically affected by various foreign countries. In recent years, the number ofinternational tourists including those from China, Taiwan, and Korea, has increased due to the expansion of international air routes and port calls from cruise ships, and initiatives are in motion to make Okinawa a logistics base for Southeast Asia and developing China.

Our university is comprised of ten departments and four faculties that specialize in social sciences and humanities, and a graduate school that has three research departments. We have students not only from Okinawa and other prefectures but also exchange students. They learn not only specialized courses, but also about Okinawan history, culture, language and US military base issues. 0ur university also has a study abroad program with national and international partner universities, and students are able to make use of our complete scholarship program. The university will work to further enhance a learning environment where students feel at ease and are able to acquire advanced and refined knowledge. In addition, we are making efforts in job-hunting support, with approximately 50,000 of our graduates in Okinawa and in other prefectures working in finance, logistics, welfare, and a variety of other fields, including civil servants and teachers, as well as talent working overseas.

Along with imparting our students with a wide range ofknowledge, our university is a higher educational institution that maintains the mission to train promising and specialized human resources needed by the country, society and region. A1ong with independent learning at our faculties and departments and obtaining a high level of specialized knowledge, we think that the mission of the university is to support students in ways that they are able to acquire the power of understanding, analytical skills, judgement, executive ability, and resourcefulness. Until now, humankind has been able to resolve many difficulties through wisdom or scholarly knowledge; nonetheless, there are still many issues that must be solved, such as those relating to poverty, disparity, and the environment. We will work even harder to cultivate talent that can travel the world and serve as bridges between nations. We are sure that our students will make many friends, debate and discuss issues with their classmates and teachers, acquire communication skills, and strive to contribute to today's information and information-oriented society. We, the faculty of the university, promise that we will support and encourage students in their efforts.

Eiken Maetsu President