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Campus Map

The verdant campus offers an abundance of facilities.

The Okinawa International University campus is the perfect environment for university life. With a wide range of facilities and beautiful green grounds, there are trees offering shade in every corner and smiles on everyone’s faces. Students can study in earnest in an environment that provides physical and spiritual comfort. The campus offers the latest facilities and equipment to give students every advantage in their university life. Utilizing this enriched campus environment enables students to spend fulfilling years on campus.

Campus Map

Main entrance

Main entrance

Administration Building

Administration Building 【6F】 Meeting rooms, Business Policy Dept.
【5F】 Administration Affairs Dept., Board Room
【4F】 Public Relations Dept., Facilities Administration Accounting Dept.
【3F】 Career Support Center
【2F】 Student Affairs Dept., School Affairs Dept.
【1F】 Entrance Exam Center, International Relations Center, Information Center

Building 3

Building 3 【2-3F】 Lecture rooms
【1F】 Lecture rooms, Campus
Counseling Room, printing room

Building 5

Building 5 【4-6F】 Research rooms, joint research rooms, etc.
【3F】 Lecture rooms (seminar rooms)
【2F】 CALL classrooms, Foreign Language Library, lecture rooms, computer lab
【1F】 Lecture rooms, computer lab, private study rooms, reading room for visually impaired

Building 9

Building 9 【5-6F】 Research rooms
【2-4F】 Lecture rooms
【1F】 Health consultation room,
Welfare/Volunteer Support Office,
Counseling/Nursing Technology
Support Office

Building 13

Building 13 【6F】 Graduate school lecture rooms, Graduate school reference room, Graduate school private study rooms, Graduate school dean’s office
【5F】 Mock court classroom, lecture rooms, research rooms
【4F】 Computer lab, lecture rooms, joint research rooms
【3F】 Lecture rooms, private study rooms
【2F】 Research Reference Room, Documents Room, archaeology display room, Office of the Director of Research, research rooms
【1F】 Research Support Dept., Education Dept., Research Library, Office of the Director of Research

Building 3 Annex

Building 3 Annex 【1F】 Lecture rooms

Building 7

Building 7 【2F】 Large lecture hall
【1F】 Counseling Office


Auditorium/Gymnasium 【2F】 Subfloor, lecture rooms, faculty offices
【1F】 Gymnasium, Management Office
【B1F】 Karate training room, kendo training room, judo training room, exercise gym



Student Union Building

Student Union Building 【4F】 Lounge/hall, guest accommodations
【3F】 Japanese-style rooms/café
【2F】 Student cafeteria
【1F】 Bookstore

Student Activities Building

Student Activities Building 【3F】 Clubrooms, multipurpose hall
【2F】 Clubrooms, Japanese-style rooms
【1F】 Building manager room, clubrooms, showers