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A treasure trove of documents numbering around 450,000

As the brain and heart of Okinawa International University, the library is both a beautifully and culturally dignified building appropriate to a symbol that produces an everlasting intellectual vitality. It strives to offer library services that adapt to a diversified media. The library houses approximately 450,000 publications, offering the university and graduate students who use the library a fulfilling campus life, and increasing the amount of superb learning and research outcomes. In addition to a wealth of documents, the library also has a support system in place that includes an enhanced environment and services.

Library features

The university library is equipped with various functions to support education and research at the university, and is an easy-to-use facility open to the public.
The open ceiling space that extends from the entrance hall makes the layout easy to understand, and there are reading spaces and different zones that take into account the flow of traffic. There are various accommodations that include comfortable seats for reading, individual seating for privacy, single-occupancy research rooms with computers, and rooms for group study.
To curb the impact of solar radiation, the exterior walls are enclosed with louvers, and the roof is planted with vegetation to increase insulation effectiveness. Inside, there is a ventilation system that uses both ordinary ventilation and floor cooling to provide a comfortable reading environment.
The AV/PC area is equipped with computers, CDs, LDs, DVDs, and videos, and visitors can surf the Internet on computers to gather information. The AV/multipurpose hall can be utilized for events such as lecture meetings, video showings, and workshops. In addition, the studio/editing room has editing equipment for processing video and sound to assist with multimedia education that includes creating teaching materials and editing.

Holding library guidance

Each year the library holds library guidance for university and graduate students. It is an opportunity to learn how to search for documents necessary to write graduate theses, master’s theses, reports, research, and studies, and teaches students about the various services offered at the library and how to effectively and conveniently search for information. Many documents are published electronically with the advancement of computerization and exist on networks. To efficiently proceed with research and studies, it is necessary to gather information not only from traditional library documents, DVDs, videos, and CDs, but also from electronic media. Students should take advantage of the guidance and learn how to gather information to efficiently utilize the hybrid library that merges traditional media with new media.

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