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College of Law

Department of Law

Cultivating human resources attune to society that possess balanced sensibilities!

Department of Regional Administration

Developing talented individuals who can concentrate their abilities on solving community issues!

College of Economics and Environmental Policy

Department of Economics

Learning the theory and reality of economics, and utilizing that integrated knowledge in the future!

Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Policy

Approaching the community and environment from an economic perspective!

College of Industry and Information Science

Department of Business Administration

Turning business into a science!

Department of Industry and Information Science

Striving to produce human resources that can tackle the industrialization of information and the computerization of industry!

College of Global and Regional Culture

Department of Japanese Language and Culture

Rediscover the cultures of Ryukyu and Japan, and share them with the world!

Department of British and American Language and Culture

Master practical English!

Department of Society and Regional Culture

Learn about Okinawa and humankind!

Department of Human Welfare Social Welfare

Endeavoring for an open mind and keen point of view!

Department of Human Welfare Counseling

Learning about what moves the spirit and striving for deep understanding of humans!