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Department of Business Administration

Turning business into a science!

Events happening in the business world today are turned into subject matter so that students can systematically study and specialize in areas of practical knowledge and technology necessary to business. Students can utilize what they learn at university in the workplace, and obtain many different qualifications since the lecture content is linked to the acquisition of qualifications.

We train businesspersons capable of meeting the various needs of today’s society through

  • education based on practice that focuses on corporate activities and business,
  • curriculum appropriate to the highly computerized society and era of internationalization,
  • the adoption of a course system for specialized and systematic study of marketing, management, and accounting, and
  • class content linked to the acquisition of qualifications.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

The Department of Business Administration provides specialized study of knowledge, and business and skills necessary to corporate management. We offer a curriculum that enables students to learn the knowledge required in corporate management in a comprehensive and well-balanced manner. From the 2nd year, students can choose the course they want to study, allowing them to conduct more in-depth study in accordance with their future plans and interests. Courses are divided into the 3 areas of marketing, management, and accounting to cover the areas needed in a corporate career. The department strives to enable students to learn basic knowledge required in general business, as well as the more advanced, specialized knowledge of an expert through different course studies. So students can learn even more practical knowledge, the department offers diverse classes taught by specialists in various fields, including businesspersons active both within and outside the prefecture. Furthermore, the department implements a joint project that aims to solve issues together with corporations that belong to a cooperative society of industry and academia.