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Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Policy

Approaching the community and environment from an economic perspective!

We aim to foster human resources that can contribute to local communities by blending both the regional economy that explores regional economic issues, and environmental policies that create environmental conditions desirable to human society. We also strive to deepen understanding of environmental conservation, and the utilization and state of resources, based on the science of economics.

We offer a diverse curriculum based on the fundamentals of economics, and enhanced foreign language and information-related education by

  • helping students search for career paths through the free and flexible selection of subjects,
  • providing studies on the latest economic trends and environmental problems in Okinawa, Japan, and the world,
  • teaching basic theories, practical application, and practice of economics through a systematic curriculum,
  • fostering broad and profound perspectives on approaching the local economy and environmental economy,
  • utilizing practical subjects that address internationalization and computerization,
  • offering subjects that assist in acquiring qualifications, and
  • aiming to enhance education and research through collaboration with the Graduate School of Regional Business and Economics.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

At the Department of Regional Economics and Environmental Policy, students study the unique island environment of Okinawa, and knowledge and concepts related to economics. The department also offers the advantage of lectures that incorporate fieldwork, such as community seminars, so that students can ascertain conditions with their own eyes. The department is also distinctive for lectures that link to the acquisition of qualifications related to the environment and economy. Moreover, we offer complete support for finding jobs at corporations in the Okinawan community.