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Department of Industry and Information Science

Striving to produce human resources that can tackle the industrialization of information and the computerization of industry!

Students study the basic structure of industrial society and information technology. The Department of Industry and Information Science aims to create human resources that can tackle the computerization of industry, which promotes computerization in various industrial fields, and the industrialization of information, which produces and develops corporations and industries based on information.

We offer a well-balanced study of the fundamental structure of industry and economy, knowledge, and information technology skills through

  • a practical approach to education that pursues the role played by information technology in the creation and development of industry,
  • curriculum that addresses topics such as ubiquitous computing and electronic commerce (EC),
  • utilization of practical classes that teach smartphone programming and robot programming,
  • adoption of a course system for specialized and systematic study of the industrial economy and information technology,
  • class content linked to the acquisition of qualifications, and
  • an early graduation system.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

At the Department of Industry and Information, students can study theory and practice that assists with living in the real world, and is quite notable for curriculum offerings that enable students to study the structure of industry and information technology. We also invite corporate executives to give lectures on several occasions, and maintain an excellent employment rate for graduates.