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Department of Society and Regional Culture

Learn about Okinawa and humankind!

The Department of Society and Regional Culture focuses on Okinawa to examine the lifestyles of people in Okinawa in the past and present, while incorporating the relationship with neighboring regions in Asia into the studies. We are developing talented individuals who care about Okinawa and humankind, and are brimming with compassion and curiosity.

We provide students with the opportunity to think about Okinawa and research the structure of human society and culture by

  • examining the framework of human society and culture,
  • conducting fieldwork focusing on active sites,
  • incorporating an international viewpoint that looks from Okinawa to Asia and the world,
  • fostering practical English language abilities,
  • enhancing small-group education through seminars, and
  • producing human resources capable of discovering and resolving issues.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

This department offers comprehensive study, contemplation, and action related to Okinawa. Students understand the culture, society, and history in Asia, and the world encompassing Okinawa as well as the Okinawa of today, and learn about Okinawa based on the concept of comparative culture. Students conduct fieldwork to deepen their understanding and awareness of issues involving the complexities of Okinawa by connecting with the people who live and have lived in Okinawa.