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Department of Economics

Learning the theory and reality of economics, and utilizing that integrated knowledge in the future!

Students study basic theory and reality to understand economic phenomena, and research ways to enhance and develop our economic life. The goal is to offer a diverse curriculum for the purpose of understanding economic society, and comprehensive information-related education so that in the future students can leverage that aggregate knowledge in various fields.

As the only college of economics in Okinawa Prefecture, we offer a broad-based, flexible curriculum and practical information-related education by

  • nurturing human resources that support the local economy,
  • helping students search for career paths through the free and flexible selection of subjects,
  • teaching economic theory, policy, history, and practice through a systematic curriculum,
  • introducing the latest economic trends in Okinawa, Japan, Asia, the United States and Europe, and the world,
  • utilizing practical subjects that address computerization, and
  • aiming to enhance education and research through collaboration with the Graduate School of Regional Business and Economics.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

There is no other place in Japan like the College of Economics at Okinawa International University where students can study a far-reaching array of topics, from the local Okinawan economy to the global economy. The many different instructors in the Department of Economics from young to highly experienced are committed to education and research. Studying at the Department of Economics will undoubtedly deepen understanding of questions such as, why income per prefectural resident is low in Okinawa even though the economic growth rate in Okinawa is the highest, why the unemployment rate doesn’t improve, how the economy in Okinawa can get better, and what will happen to the economies in Japan, Asia, and the world.