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Department of Japanese Language and Culture

Rediscover the cultures of Ryukyu and Japan, and share them with the world!

Students in the Department of Japanese Language and Culture study a wide range of cultural topics regarding Okinawa and Japan, including language, literature, and performing arts. Students also improve the various skills and sensitivities needed to share Okinawan and Japanese culture with the world in this present age of globalization, such as information technology (IT), the ability to understand local communities, and foreign-language communication skills. In addition, with the goal of becoming language professionals, students undergo repeated training to master a wealth of education, expressive language skills, and self-actualization in order to become self-reliant professionals and community residents who are active in society.

We enable students to engage in a broad-based, in-depth study of the cultures of Okinawa/Ryukyu and Japan, and learn the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity needed to share and express them with the globalized world by

  • having students examine language, literature, and performing arts rooted in Okinawa and Japan,
  • fostering the ability to research, read, critique, write, and express through intensive individual instruction in small-group seminars,
  • offering one-on-one guidance in written expression at the Writing Center,
  • providing instruction from reputable, established junior and senir high school Japanese language teachers,
  • offering instruction from Japanese-language teachers who address the era of harmony between internationalization and multiculturalism, and
  • establishing the only expert seminars on library science in the prefecture to offer expert training for becoming a librarian.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

At the Department of Japanese Language and Culture, not only do students expand their knowledge of the Japanese language and Japanese literature, but they can also specialize in studying the unique languages of Okinawa/Ryukyu born of the islands, and Ryukyu literature and performing arts. Though currently there are few opportunities to study Okinawa/Ryukyu in the school curriculum through high school, this department focuses directly on the region’s unique culture. The Japanese Language Teacher’s License Course, Japanese as a Second Language Teacher Training Course, and Library Science Training Course are comprehensive, and students can acquire licenses and qualifications as they experience Japanese culture and Ryukyu/Okinawan culture, and obtain an awareness of international communication.