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Department of Human Welfare Counseling

Learning about what moves the spirit and striving for deep understanding of humans!

The Counseling Major in the Department of Human Welfare offers a broad-based study of how the human mind works from various perspectives. Throughout the 4 years, students closely examine the psychological perspective—the emotions of people who possess many different ways of thinking. The department fosters an approach of collective thinking that scientifically grasps the invisible phenomena of the mind.

We teach students to be attune to what is occurring in society and people’s minds to refine their comprehension, behavior, and intellectual senses by

  • fostering professionals in psychology and welfare-related fields,
  • offering comprehensive education that incorporates emphasis on practical training including psychological examinations, psychological experiments, and clinical interviews,
  • actively supporting the acquisition of relevant qualifications,
  • conducting practical training entrenched in the community, and
  • actively addressing lifelong learning and adult students.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

The course is advantageous not only for hands-on studies in clinical psychology and counseling, but also for practical studies in basic areas of psychology such as statistics, research methods, and basic experiments. Students have strong cross-departmental ties and energetically take the initiative to participate in the planning and management of various events, including open campus and a sports competition to welcome new students. After graduation, some students take jobs in private companies, while others go on to graduate school to become clinical psychologists. The students are enthusiastic about being involved with people and society through their study of psychology.