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Department of Law

Cultivating human resources attune to society that possess balanced sensibilities!

We strive to cultivate human resources that possess balanced sensibilities based on fundamental principles and approaches to law, and a systematic understanding of individual laws and the overall justice system. Our students are capable of expressing opinions from a legal perspective on a variety of social issues, from family problems to international problems.

As the only college of law in Okinawa Prefecture, we offer a systematic and broad-based study of the law to produce talented individuals capable of being active in society by

  • aiming to cultivate legal professionals and associates,
  • striving to foster human resources capable of coping with the internationalization and
    computerization of society, and
  • working to provide a law education that focuses on practice and experience.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

Above all, the advantage presented by the Department of Law is a broad-based study of law from the fundamentals to the practical. Subjects are offered that enable a sense of the law to be naturally acquired. Although it is possible to live life without knowledge of the law, legal knowledge allows us to live even better, safer, and more fortunate lives because knowledge of laws and regulations become necessary once we take our place in society. That knowledge encompasses a variety of areas, from work-related topics such as working hours and wages, to family-related topics including family relationships and taxes. Understanding the law means understanding the structure of society, and that comprehension supports our capacity for living. The “Theory of Legal Practice” is a unique subject where individuals from a variety of occupations speak about legal issues at the workplace, and is a popular class that increases awareness about employment. There is also a seminar that turns the classroom into a mock court so students can experience the lay judge system.