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Department of Human Welfare Social Welfare

Endeavoring for an open mind and keen point of view!

The Social Welfare Major in the Department of Human Welfare provides practical education focusing on the workplace to nurture talented individuals possessing strong compassion and capabilities who can work in the fields of welfare, medicine, health, and education.

We turn events currently happening in society into topics of study to heighten students’senses and teach necessary knowledge and techniques by

  • offering social welfare training for professionals,
  • offering training courses for social workers and mental health social workers that have high quality educational content,
  • actively supporting the acquisition of qualifications related to social welfare,
  • providing practical studies through volunteer work and practical training in social welfare,
  • focusing on education that nurtures internationality through overseas social welfare training, etc., and
  • actively addressing lifelong learning that utilizes means such as public lectures.

Advantages and Distinctive Approach

The specialization in social welfare offers various relevant subjects for the purpose of creating human resources that meet society’s expectations. Not only do students learn social welfare theories, but they also are provided with plenty of opportunities to learn through volunteering and practical training at places such as social welfare institutes. Students can also carry out in-depth discussions and research with one another through seminars and other activities. In addition to regular classes, students actively conduct volunteer activities through facilities such as the Welfare/Volunteer Support Office. Moreover, students consider the state of social welfare from a wide range of international perspectives through overseas social welfare training.