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Graduate School of Law

Philosophy / Aims:

Today, globalization is advancing in many fields such as politics, economics, and society. Organized development in the 21st century no longer can be accomplished by a single nation. On the other hand, looking into the near future of our own country reveals a sense of stagnation in many areas (national finance, industry, labor issues, declining birth rate, pension, etc.). Given these circumstances, the role that universities (graduate schools) fulfill as institutes of intellectual creation is becoming more and more important. The Graduate School of Law aims to cultivate human resources that can demonstrate outstanding leadership in the chaos of modern times in order to fulfill a portion of that responsibility in the field of law.

Department of Law

Public Law / Basic Law

Public Law and Basic Law studies legal history and jurisprudence with the goal of instilling awareness of positive laws such as the Constitution, administrative law, and international law, as well as the ideological, historic, and social premises that form the basis of those positive laws.

Civil / Criminal Law

Civil and Criminal Law researches the substantive laws of civic law, commercial law, and criminal law, as well as the procedural laws of the Code of Civil Procedure and Criminal Procedure Code. Students systematically conduct research while comparing legal interpretations with precedents and doctrines both in Japan and abroad in order to make judicial solutions by applying modern law to specific cases.