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Foreign Language Education

Enjoy language education! Improve your knowledge!

In today’s world where coexistence with people from other cultures is sought after, international knowledge and wisdom is particularly looked for in the young generation. The key is language, and language acquisition has taken on the utmost importance. The Foreign Language Center at Okinawa International University concentrates on enhancing foreign language education essential to this age of internationalization. Courses in English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish are offered to all students, and intensive courses are offered to further boost language skills.

Adopting the CALL System, the ultimate environment for studying a foreign language

The Foreign Language Center at Okinawa International University has adopted the CALL System to significantly strengthen the support system for students studying a foreign language. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) refers to a computerized language learning system. To offer the optimum environment for carrying out individual study and self-instruction—elements requisite to foreign language study, the Learning Management System (LMS) has been launched for out-of-class learning. Students utilize various listening materials such as multimedia, Internet contents, CDs, MDs, DVDs, and VTRs, as well as communication devices such as bulletin boards and web chats that include writing, sound, and video to repeat studies at their own language level until they are satisfied. This ideal environment allows students to check whether they have reached their language goals, strengthen weak areas, learn at their own pace when they like, and steadily improve their language skills. The CALL System substantially helps students attempting to learn a foreign language.

CALL classrooms

CALL classrooms consist of 4 rooms with 204 computers (including 8 computers for the visually impaired). They can be used to study languages such as English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and Ryukyuan. The classrooms are a convenient way for students to study language and use study materials at their own pace in class and while studying on their own.

Language Library

The Language Library enables students studying a foreign language to further improve their language skills. Students can study when they like, either alone or in groups, by watching movies in the foreign language of study or using various media materials to deepen understanding of foreign traditions and culture.

CALL Teaching Materials Creation Lab

The CALL Teaching Materials Creation Lab (known as the MERMAID Lab) carries out research and development projects involving multimedia-based teaching materials. The creation of original multimedia-based teaching materials for various languages including English, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, and Ryukyuan targets improved quality of classroom study.

A student message

I want to use the language I learned at university to become a bridge between Okinawa and Indonesia.

Anaku Agunmade Jamie

Department of British and American Language and Culture
College of Global and Regional Culture
(Bali, Indonesia)

I came from Bali, Indonesia 6 years ago to study Japanese. I chose Okinawa International University because I found it while searching the Internet when I was studying at a Japanese language school in Bali! The climate in Okinawa is similar to Bali, so it seemed an easy place for me to live. Plus, I was pleased with the comprehensive array of university facilities. Now, in addition to Japanese, I’m also studying IT and English. There are many wonderful aspects of Okinawa International University, but most of all everyone is friendly and kind. I’m really happy now. In the future, I hope to become a bridge between Okinawa and Indonesia.